Are we and our junk reaching critical mass? If all our junk is made in China, we will have nothing worth digging up in the future. The trivial and shallow now represent the peak of Western Civilisation. The internet brings the entire history of human achievement into our homes, but we are watching ‘reality' TV.

Welcome to the age where nearly everyone grows old, hates the young and is so busy being scared of dying that they have forgotten how to live. Stop, take a deep breath and step back.

Past Exhibitions

2011 ‘Tom of Blokeland’, Wilson Street Gallery, Sydney
2010 Brenda May Gallery, Sydney
2009 Brenda May Gallery, Sydney
2007 'Buy More Art', New View Gallery, Newtown
'A Hater’s Guide to Art', Buzzzbar, Newtown
1997 151 Gallery, Chippendale
Will works as an artist in Sydney, Australia.
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